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A Gallup survey released in February 2015 showed that only 22% of residents in Massachusetts regularly attend religious services.


I often minister to the other 78%.


What does that mean?


As a minister, I believe that God is love. In over a decade as a Hospice chaplain, it became clear to me that at the end of life it’s not what you believe, what you owned, or even what you accomplished that matters most.  What matters most is how you love.


The best religious and spiritual practices help us grow as people who love - who are kind, compassionate, forgiving, and generous.  


Sadly, many of our religious organizations seem to create distinctions -

"Our way is THE way."  Thoughtful people know that there are MANY ways. As the Sufi poet Rumi so eloquently stated, "There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground."  


Each of the great religious traditions have something to teach us about love and each of the great religious traditions have fallen short of their own teachings, something that those of us who live in Massachusetts and witnessed the scandal of sexual abuse of our children know all too well.


Interfaith/Interspiritual ministers go where Spirit calls us. We are available to celebrate when two people who love each other commit to joining their lives in marriage; when a family is looking for support as a loved one draws close to death; when the time has come to celebrate a life well lived or a life cut seemingly short. We are here in communities across the country and around the world to meet you and support you at life's most important moments. 


We are here for your heart.


To learn more, click this link from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, where I am proud to teach and serve as a Second Year Dean!

Rev. Sue Koehler-Arsenault, M.Div. 

 5 High Street, Rockport, MA 01966

   ph. 978-325-2573

Serving Boston and the North Shore of Massachusetts:

Rockport, Gloucester, Ipswich, Danvers, Salem, Beverly, and Topsfield

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